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Fabian Prewett

10 April
Fabian Prewett, 23. Former Gryffindor, class of 1972. Auror and member of the Dark Force Defense League. Member of the Order of the Phoenix. Younger brother of Molly Weasley and older brother of Gideon Prewett. Budding Defense expert with a fratboy mentality. Can be dared to do or eat almost anything. May be the best, but certainly not the brightest. Yes, did and will snort Jell-O. Friend of Hestia Jones, Henry Thomas, and Andromeda Tonks. Has a rather large extended family about the place.

I do not own Fabian Prewett or John Cusack I wish; I'm just borrowing the name of one from JK Rowling (and Bloomsbury Books and the like) without permission and the lovely face from the man himself, to have a spot of fun at leviosarpg.